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If anyone hasn't read the open letter...

An "open letter" to Tarja was left on the Nightwish forum explaining why she has been kicked out.
There is a link to it here if you haven't read it already.
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I dont think tarja is upset about it as we think she is though, after all she did think of herself as a guest musician. so it could of been a joint descision, I found out sunday morning, aaah :(
but goodluck to nightwish and to tarja.
then again, she did call it cruel and says she wont forgive them for not letting her say goodbye to her fans whilst in nightwish. ive been debating with myself about this for hours.
i hope both nightwish and tarja are okay. i love them both.
Yeah I know what you mean.
I've been thinking it over myself but Tuomas seems genuinely upset with Tarja's attitude over the last few years it seems. I think I understand why he did it this way and I can understand why Tarja is so upset. It's a difficult thing to deal with anyway without it being public knowledge before you were ready to deal with it.
I hope they are both okay too and look forward to seeing where they go from here.
Where have you found Tarja's reaction?
Scroll down the news on that site...alternatively go here