Clare (happeh_hobbit) wrote in dead_gardens,

So, who was there last night?

I was! I did actually see some people from my f-list, but I guess they didn't have a clue who I was or didn't see me.

And did anyone see the girl with fairy wings that had "Large Angel" written on them? Did you know that some people didn't even know what that was about. *sigh*

Anyway. What did you think? My opinion's a little odd and biased, as I was suffering from the worst of colds and my ears were all funny.

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I was there as well, and really enjoyed it. That said, it was my first Nightwish concert, so I don't have much to compare to. AND, because of the stupid, stupid, stupid rail service, I had to leave early (at 2215 hrs), so I missed some stuff as well. What I did see was really cool, thoroughly worth the pain that I still have in my feet from wearing heels in the pit. ;)
Excellent!! Awesome!! And so on... as always!! :D

They definitely rule on a larger stage with pyros, plus Paradise Lost was a much better support act for them. Loved the whole gig!!


October 23 2005, 07:22:41 UTC 12 years ago

(Off topic) Tarja get fired from Nightwish.
We know. We all know.