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Crimson Tears

Just got pointed to a British band called Crimson Tears by one of my friends and they are brilliant. They are like a cross between Nightwish and Sonata Arctica so to anyone who likes either of those bands I highly recommend that they check these guys out!

Their main website is here and their MySpace Music site is here. They seem to keep the MySpace one more frequently updated though.

(Excuse the X-posting)
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I know them! And I advertised them a few posts ago on here.

(I'm friends with the keyboard player)
Excellent! :D
I know them!
I also know the keyboard player, through happeh_hobbit.
Do you know of Season's End? (, they're great, too. I'm biased, I met them last night!
Excellent, the friend who put me on to them knows them as well. She's been asked more than once I believe to do some of their artwork for them.

I have indeed heard of Seasons End! A very good band! :)
Season's End are a great bunch of guys (and girl), too. Amazing live, and they're all really oddly attractive. Woof.
What's that friend's name? I might know her.
Lindsey Goodbun
OoO, they sound very cool. :D